Balto's training

Well, Balto has been in training for a while now getting ready to become a therapy alpaca. He needs to be a bit calmer in some situations, hopefully he will grow out of it, then again, he may just not be a perfect fit for it. He does well most of the time, just is a bit jumpy.

So, I started working more on the things he would be doing at fair this year. Took him out once to play with the obstacles and once he got over the fear of being alone and started focusing on what I wanted him to do things started going more smoothly. He was able to clear the jumps, and performed the step-over pretty well. Walking through the weave poles was a snap. He tends not to be able to walk very straight, so getting him walking over the bridge was a challenge even once I was able to get him on to it. The swimming pool was horrible the first time, but he got the hang of it. I was also able to get him to stand for the hula-hoop.

 So, now we have found that he is perfectly able to handle the basic obstacles, I have been spending most of today working on things like standing still and backing. These are much slower going than the first obstacles. I also spent some time in the barn with him with out putting on his halter even though I had it with me. I want him to just be comfortable with me no matter what I am doing around him.

I wish I had started working with him about 2 weeks ago in order to be ready for the fair, but life being what it is, that just didn’t happen. We’ll see what happens at fair and I’ll try and keep up on this as the days go by.

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