First update

The kids have been working diligently to cmplete their
various projects to be submitted to the 4H judges.
Dayna has been out and about taking all sorts o
digital picture that she will be submitting as part of
the photgraphy project she sgnd up for this yea to
expand her horizons. She has really been having fun
with the cameras, even during the school year where
she was taking pictures for the yearbook. Krysten
wanted to submit something more artsy than a poster
this year, so she built a display of a typical barn
setup for an alpaca and labelled all of the things
needed to keep alpacas healthy. Both kids also turned
in record books for the year. They both have other
projects they are turnng in as well. Everthing sould
be ready to be turned in by Wednesday when it is due.

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