Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday and things started off by arrivng in the morning with the typical cleaning of the pens and food and water for the animals. The the girls received their scoring sheets for the educational displays. Krysten received a perfect 100 points and Dayna in very close with 99 points! Both were blue ribbon earners, if I didn’t say that in a previous post. Then came the judging class where the kids got to see 4 sets of 4 animals and they have to place the animals based on the class, like packing, breeding female or alpaca. They haven’t received ribbons for that class yet, but I will send an update as soon as we get that information. So then came time for handler class. Krysten went in with Sunfire and he was a little nervous a didn’t want to perform at first, but once he got a drink he calmed down, but that was almost the last task. Krysten went in with Sand Storm and he did fairly well, but showed that he really could use some more handling.

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