Saturday Afternoon

Dayna took Blue Beard in the handler ring next and he did his usual calm self, including kushing on command. Then she took in Casper who seemed to perform wonderfully. Casper seems to be a little jealous of Blue Beard taking time with Dayna and his performance seems to step up. We had a nice┬ábreak from the activities before getting ready for fit and show. So, both girls went into the fit and show ring at the same time, Dayna in the lead followed by Krysten and the rest of the class after that. The walked in a circle, then lined up all in a row. The judge then had them walk up, demonstrate how their alpaca could backup, step forward, allow the judge to pet the alpaca, and were asked a question about llamas and alpacas before being sent back into line. The question this year was how many fighting teeth does an alpaca or llama usually have. this is a very tough question, or at least I thought so since I didn’t know the answer either. The correct answer is six, but if the 4h’er doesn’t know the answer they should say “I do not know, but I will look that up for you.”
After all that, both girls earned blue ribbons in a class with very tough competition! Overall a very eventful day. Ribbons for handler and judging classes won’t be given out until Monday.

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