Trail Obstacles

Today started with breakfast…wait nobody cares about my morning routine, this is about the fair activities. We started the day with trail obstacles. Krysten went in the ring first with Sunfire who walked through the course with litle difficulty earning them a Blue ribbon. Next up was Casper with Dayna as his handler. Casper appears to have some issues with large crowds as he performs excellent at home and at the last event, but with all the people around he paid more attention to them than to Dayna. So, he was a bit nervous and when all was said and done, earned a Red ribbon for his effort. Krysten took Sand Storm through, but with his minimal experience off the farm, wasn’t ready for the trail, he also earned a Red ribbon. Dayna ended the class with Blue Beard the certified therapy alpaca. As the judge said, “This is a class about trust” and Blue Beard trusts Dayna enough to earn the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon and special hay bag award as well as his Blue ribbon! YA DAYNA!!!!!!

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