Public Relations Obstacles

So afternoon came along and with it the Public Relations or simply PR obstacles. This class has the type of things that would be encountered if the alpaca or llama were to be taken out in public like to a parade, art show, nursing home and the like. Dayna started the class off with Casper who did much better in the afternoon. He walked the whole course with no difficulty at all. Next up came Krysten and Sunfire. He flew through the course over the jumps and even backed nearly perfectly! After all of the other kids and llamas and alpacas had their turn, Krysten walked Sand Storm through the course and he did very well except for the bridge, which we have learned he needs some work on. Finally, Dayna closed out the class with Blue Beard the certified alpaca. Sand Storm and Casper both earnd their Blue ribbons. Sunfire was a little bit of a shock, with a Blue ribbon AND Reserve Grand Champion. Blue Beard, in the judge’s words, “lived up to his certification”, earning Grand Champion!!!

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