Alpaca and Llama Games

Monday brought with it a little slower day and some fun times. Krysten went off for the day and Dayna played in the lama games. Dayna took Blue Beard the certified therapy alpaca into the limbo competition and they tied for first place. She was able to get him to crawl and if his tail wasn’t quite so puffy he would have cleared the lowest level. The llama that she tied with knocked the bar off with his shoulders. Then came the high jump and this would be Sunfire’s area so Dayna pulled him in the ring. He would have done better if he would have jumped on his own, but Dayna went under and could pass the lead rope quick enough and it knocked the bar off. Still a third place showing is not bad. Finally came the steeple chase where they run and try to get the alpaca to jump straw bales. Again, a Sunfire special. The first llama in the ring got a total of four bales dumped. The second got 18. Then Sunfire came in and ran full speed getting a total of 38! Obviously a winning score!

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