Camel Sitting

Today started by arriving at the llama greenway and being greeted by the owner of Abby, a camel. He was looking for the person in charge so I said that would be me. He wanted to bring the camel in and where to put her. We set up the pen and roped it off from the public at his request. We sat most of the day monitoring the crowd. While this was happening, the kids particpated in “4h-in-action”. Dayana got up and talked about the process to become Dove Lewis certified with Blue Beard. Then Krysten got up with the drum carder and spinning wheel. She took some raw alpaca fiber from her alpacas a nd picked in clean. she then demonstrated how to use the drum carded to get all the fibers pointing in the same direction And into a rolag ready for spinning. She then showed the rolag to the crowd. From there she demonatrated how to spin the rolag into yarn which she also took to the crowd to see the finished product. It has been a different, but very fun day overall.

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