Open class update

Friday was a pretty slow day with mostly just sitting and taking care of the animals and going on the rides. Dayna and Krysten had the highest points for herdsmanship again for Thursday, but since they had already won once the judges gave the award to another herdsman. then Friday’s award for herdsmanship was awarded Satruday morning to Dennis. Then Dayna went in the show ring while Krysten went to her father’s house. She was entered in the wrong class, but she still did great and took third place. Next up was the costume class. Dayna and Blue Beard dressed up as pirates. He wore a hat, earring, bandana, another bandana around his tail and socks on all four feet. The judge really thouht the costume was great and fitting with his name and everybody really was impressed with the socks! A very good showing. Stay tuned for more as trail obstacles this afternoon.

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