Open Class Trail Obstacles

Saturday afternoon brought trail obstacle time. Starting with the adults and the llamas and alpacas that had taken 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any previous show, making them experienced. Kim showed with Sunfire in this class and it really is true that the handler’s nervousness can be sensed by the alpaca on the end of the lead. Kim took tenth because she was so nervous. A friend of Krysten took Sunfire through the same course and took second. Dayna took Casper and Blue Beard both through the course and neither of them did as well as expected earning 5th and 6th placing. Finally the inexperienced alpacas, Sand Storm and Balto took to the course. Kim went through first with Sandy and things went pretty well earning her a respectable fifth place ribbon! Balto walked the course excellently and really earned his second place ribbon!! Congratulations Balto! The rest of the day was spent talking to the crowds of people during one of the busiest days of the fair.

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