Ribbon Update

Well, we completed most of the decorations for the llama greenway where the alpacas and llamas will be staying for the next 5 days. This year’s theme is Pirates, so the kids have some very cool looking wooden signs for name tags and old fashion ship steering wheels with a picture of the child with their animal in the center placed on wooden boards for the ribbons to hang from. I took Krysten’s tetherball pole and painted it brown, and placed some brown painted PVC pipe at a 90 degree angle at the top to hang Dayna’s pirate flag from. The 4H leader brought a wooden sign to be hung on the pole proclaiming our area as the Cursed Camelid, consisting of the Curious Companions Camelid Club and the Llucky Llamas 4H club who combined for this year due to leader not being able to spend the proper amount of time with her club this year and both clubs being fairly small in size. Overall things are going very well with all of the animals being delivered on time, though there were two substitutions this year. A couple of animals developed a limp the day before they were to be transported, so the needed to be taken care of at home. These were not our animals, just some of the other kids’ animals. The trailer we use as a tack room was decorated awesomely! The kids created a treasure chest look for it and taped it up last night and it turned out totally cool!

Alright, so I called this a ribbon update and haven’t talked about ribbons. I don’t really have time and space to talk about all the 4H kids ribbons, this really is going to focus on Dayna and Krysten and when we get to Open Class, Dennis and Kim as well. So, I think I already mentioned Dayna took 8 Blue ribbons, 2 Red ribbons and 1 white ribbon for her 11 pictures she submitted, but we went and took a look at them again last night and they were all hanging on display. We found Krysten’s sketch of a tiger hanging in its beautiful frame and it earned her a Blue ribbon. The person running that section said the judges were VERY hard on the kids this year and if you got a blue ribbon, it was really deserved! This made Krysten feel so much more proud of her work. So, we also got Dayna’s educational poster back which was done on the difference between an alpaca and a llama, and she earned a Blue ribbon for her effort as well. Totally cool there, too! We couldn’t find Krysten’s educational table top display, so we don’t know her ribbon earned on it yet. Then we checked out the fiber projects that Krysten turned in and found a Blue ribbon for the Sunfire and Chocolate Chip blended fiber, another Blue ribbon for the Sunfire 4 ounce bag of roving, and a Blue ribbon and GRAND CHAMPION for her spun fiber! So, we then checked out the record books, which every 4H child should be keeping, but the numbers of record books being turned in has been dropping in recent years and changes to the requirements may be coming in the next few years to get this turned around. The record books are one of the main life-skills being taught by 4H and needs to have a better participation. I’ll get off my soap box now. Anyway, we found Krysten’s name and she got a Blue ribbon, then we found her name again as a Medal earner for excellent record keeping! Then came Dayna, Blue ribbon. Awesome! Medal earner for excellent record keeping! Also, very awesome! On top of that, Intermediate GRAND CHAMPION record book!!!! This class has the most competition of just about any class the girls will enter, so this is an amazing accomplishment and shows that in the three years of participating in 4H, the growth the girls have gone through. I couldn’t be prouder of both girls!

Well, that’s about it for this update, today starts the fair official with the pancake feed, which I don’t get to attend because I have to work. Then it’s on to competitions tomorrow. I’ll send updates on ribbons as they earn them tomorrow as well. Since I will be sending updates from the fair, I apologize in advance for how they will look, but I will clean them up when I can find the time to get online after fair or some evenings when we are home.

Thanks for stopping by!

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