Sunday Night

Sunday night’s schedule consisted of PR Obstacles. I ran a reader board informing the kids when it was their turn to take their alpaca or llama into the show ring. Kim on the other hand monitored the show ring to keep the public back from the waiting animal and to tell me when it was time to send the next animals. This system seemed to work well for keeping the animals safe and everything organized. Dayna went first with Blue Beard and forgot what to do at one station, but remembered in time to get credit for it. Krysten took Sunfire in second and the night time really seemed to mess with all the animals and Sunny was no exception. The rest of the kids in all the other clubs went after them and then Dayna took Casper through and he was not a happy alpacy. Finally Krysten went through with Sand Storm and he kicked at the person petting, but waited til the petting was over and they were walking away. Sandy and Casper both took Red ribbons and Sunfire and Blue Beard both took Blue ribbons.

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