Monday morning after the late night show, the kids had a 10:00 am Trail Obstacle show. We were all up and ready on time and we were able to get the pens all cleaned up and relax a little before the show. We ended up having lunch before the girls part of the show began. Dayna kicked things off again with Blue Beard and trail obstacles are just not his strong point, so he did not perform excellent. He did get a Blue ribbon though. Krysten soared through next with Sunfire and easily earned her Blue ribbon. Like the night before, the rest of the kids went before it was Dayna’s turn again with Casper. He performed very well and earned himself and Dayna another Blue ribbon. Then it was Sand Storm’s turn and Krysten was ecstatic with his performance. It wasn’t quite good enough to earn the coveted blue, but was a high point Red ribbon. The girls ended the night spending time at the 4H only dance, where they had a complete blast, of course.

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