New additions to the herd

Yesterday while surfing the web, Kim came across a deal too good to pass up, so today we went to look at these two girls. They are nice looking females, both dark fawn. We knew going into it that we would be purchasing a couple of girls that are having some reproductive issues, but decided to take the risk for the price. It was a nice drive up to look at them, Kim and I just talking and listening to a little bit of music. We got our hands on the girls and made the decision on the spot to bring them home. The drive home was very peaceful. Trina laid down immediately and didn’t get up the whole drive home and even slept for a little while when Guen would leave her alone. Guen rode very well too, though. She would kush for a while then get up and look out the window and come to the front of the van to visit with Kim and me. She really seemed very interested in where we were going and couldn’t wait to get there. You can see the intelligence in her eyes.

We arrived home after awhile and called the girls out to meet the new farm members. The girls were very impressed by how easily the new alpacas walked on their leads and into the barn. Trina seemed very comfortable in a very short time. She was even eating from our hands before we left the barn for the first time. They met the other girls in the barn through a fence and nobody seemed to be distressed at the whole situation. Everybody seemed to just take it all in stride. Guen still wouldn’t eat from our hands after we went out later in the evening, but it was a big day, we’ll give her a break for it. There is always tomorrow.

Kim and I then spent the rest of the evening working on the web sites and the alpaca tracking software getting the new additions out there to be seen. A little marketing never hurts, right?

All in all a productive day, and hopefully we will be able to turn these reproductive issues around with a lot of love and kindness and special dedication. If not, we still have some very lovely girls to show for our effort.

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