New arrival

Well, today started off like a normal day when you are expecting a delivery any day. We knew that the baby would be here any day, so we went out and put the vet wrap on Tumba’s tail this morning while it was still cool outside so we didn’t stress her out in the heat. Not that putting vet wrap on a tail is all that stressful anyway, but you get the idea.

 We did body scores on Cocopuff and Bonnet at the same time, since we were working with them anyway. Then we went in while the day heated up. As things started to cool down, we started down to feed the alpacas in the fields. We walked by the barn and there was our newest addition to the herd struggling to get to her feet! It was certainly a shocker as we weren’t really expecting her for a couple more days, but a very welcome surprise!

 We watched mom and baby interact for a while, then we finally had to break in and do the health tasks. She weighed in at a healthy 18 lbs. 1 oz. with a temperature slightly on the low side at 98.7 degrees. This wasn’t a big shock to us since she had been born in the barn with two fans blowing on her to cool her down, but we put a cria coat on her anyway, to be on the safe side. She is a beautiful all white baby with amazing fiber coverage already. She’s certainly going to be a looker in a couple months.

Then we gave them some more bonding time while we fed the rest of the girls down in the fields. We also took care of a couple minor sores that have been healing for a couple weeks on one of the girls, just making sure it all healed up well. When we came back, I decided to sit in the barn for a while to watch and make sure that baby was nursing. I finally got too hungry and had to give up before she actually got any milk from mom. We ate dinner and watched a program on TV before heading back down to the barn to check on them. Baby (still to be named…) was nursing as we snuck into the barn, make sure not to scare the girls and cut the feeding short. Seeing that nursing was going well, we decided that another temperature was in order. This time her body temperature was up to 101.3 and never really stopped climbing but waiting for too long was not something we felt was needed anyway, since it was in the safe range already. We decided to take her coat off and let things go for the night, we’ll check on her first thing in the morning.

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