Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday SnowmanWell, it’s here! Christmas eve and I haven’t been performing my duties keeping up with my blog. I have been keeping up with my duties on the website. I must say we have had a very successful opening of our online store. Much better than I could have expected all things considered. To all of our customers, thank you very much for your patronage. We appreciate every one of you. We have learned much in our first month of operation. We have had a couple of issues, some were my fault, some were technical – which I guess means they were my fault as well, and some were avoidable errors on the part of our shipping providers. Funny how the errors on the part of others are the ones that really frustrate me the most! I feel kind of silly when I make mistakes, but at least I can correct my mistakes. I can’t fix the errors others make.

I hate to make this all about the business side of things, but I am so proud! I have just opened up an affiliate program for all you people with alpaca, clothing, toys or other product websites out there, and would like to make a little money by directing traffic to our web site, we would love to have you join our marketing effort. I feel it is a win-win situation for everybody. It doesn’t cost anything, and  you just have to point at our products and we take care of the rest.

The alpacas in the fields are all doing well through the rain and slush falling from the sky. The fields are muddier than I would like to see them, but not much I can do about that right now. When I sell a couple of those girls out there, I’ll put some of that money towards upgrading the winter fields. The summer fields are looking awesome with nice green grass and weed free. I would like to see more alpacas on the property though. Perhaps you know of someone looking to agist? Send them my way! We’ll take good care of them.

I can hardly wait until cria season comes and I have more and more reason to blog and post pictures! Maybe we’ll actually make it to a show next year. We keep saying we want to, but time and money keep preventing us from following through on that plan. Well, I hear Santa is on his way, and I haven’t had my dinner yet, but the alpacas are all put away safe and sound for the night. I’m sure they will get something really nice from Santa. I think Isis knows he’s coming. She was all jumpy and happy today. The rest of them were just their normal selves, pretty and fluffy.

Well, that’s about all for now. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thank you for stopping by.

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