It has been a pretty busy week, but a pretty awesome one. We opened the store last weekend. I should have put a blog post up about it, but I was too tired and forgot about it. I guess we opened just a mite bit too soon though, as I had some issues with PayPal and Google checkout that I thought I had fully tested. Turns out I had tested PayPal on my web site, but not here. Silly me. So, it appears we lost a couple of sales, but hey that’s life in the fast lane.

So, we have spent the week preparing more items for the web site for sale. They are out there now, and still more are to come. If you are looking for alpac scarves, alpaca ponchos, alpaca blankets, alpaca gloves, alpaca finger puppets, alpaca yarn, alpaca books or alpaca roses, please stop by our store by clicking on the Products link above or click here to visit. We really think you can find something you like.  We are also confident that our pricing is better than what you can find in most other places on your own.

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