Sunfire and Sand Storm

This post is a little bit behind the times, but I have been busy with the online store and not really thinking about the blog. The store is doing wonderful, by the way. You really should check it out, we have lots of nice items still left and two large orders on the way, so more products will be arriving on the website very soon.

This is a post about Sunfire and Sand Storm though. We received a call from Tennessee on Monday that they both made it there safe and sound. We all miss them here a lot. It’s strange to go to the field and not be greeted at the fence by Sunfire. He was always willing to see what was going on and great with people, kids and dogs. He will be a great PR animal for William. Sand Storm is not the first to greet people at the fence, but he’s never far from sight. He didn’t push his way through the animals, but didn’t run from us when we approached him either. We worried for them the whole time they were on the trip and were very glad for the phone call that they made it there safely. We were also excited to hear that they were going to visit Santa Claus along the way. Oh, that’s Santa Claus, Indiana. If you are ever in the area, there is a very awesome amusement park with a water park there for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it, but probably not the best place to take your alpaca.

Thanks for stopping by. You should also check out our breeding animals. We have updated pricing on many of them. Please feel free to contact us about any of the animals and schedule a farm visit.

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