What a wonderful week!

Well, what an eventful week I have had. Ok, most of it wasn’t farm related, but it kept me busy and happy for the week. I have been working on the web site pretty much non-stop every free minute I have for the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong. I love working on the web site and hope those of you that visit, and there are a surprising number of you and I appreciate you all, enjoy what I have done with it over the past few weeks. More changes are in the works, and not just with the store, come back in a few days and check out the services page. We will be posting a shearing calendar and enhanced information about our shearing service. Hopefully we will get more information about the other services up there as well. Anyway, I was working away on the web site on New Years Day. Holiday, you say? Not me, I just see it as a day I get to work on what I enjoy, not work on what I must to get paid. I checked my email, one of the many times that day, and it’s from a relative that I haven’t talk to in 20 years. At first I am doubtful it could be from her. I was worried it would be SPAM, so I move it to the junk mail folder to apply maximum protections before opening it. Reading it makes it perfectly clear, this is from her. I quickly shoot off a response, but it’s nothing like what I want and should send, but I am in the middle of working on my web site. On the second, I write a more complete, over the top, long response that really shows how excited I am to have heard from her, and hoping that she would put me in touch with her sister. I also explain how I couldn’t sleep that night because I was so happy to hear from her. The morning of the third I check my email and find a letter from her sister. OK, I’m on cloud nine now, because it has been even longer since I have talked with her. The bus ride to work is spent going over what I am going to say to her. I am sure the people on the bus thought I was crazy sitting there smiling the whole ride to work. Every small break I had at work I would write a little bit to her. It took a good portion of the day, but I finally decided it was too long and I had better just send it. That night I get a nice letter about how my long letter put them both in tears being able to put into words just how happy they are we are in contact again. That felt good. We have been talking back and forth since, email and MSN Messenger. Too cool to see how we have all changed and grown and are also the same as when we were younger.The weekend comes and Saturday is spent preparing for Krysten’s concert. The La Center Middle School band was requested to play as the intermission entertainment for the Cowlitz County Honor Band. For those uneducated like me, the Honor Band is made up of the top musicians from all of the schools in Cowlitz County, they get together with a professor from the Lower Columbia College and work on several pieces of music. For a Middle School band to be invited to play as the intermission entertainment is really an honor and not to be taken lightly. The band director for the school wasn’t going to accept the invitation at first, but the students insisted that they be allowed to play. We went and had dinner with Krysten, who also got to spend the day playing at the “Fun Center” where she played Laser Tag and other things. Kim and I decided later that this was an awesome idea the director had, allowing the kids to be kids running around and having fun before having to be professional in front of the public. We watched the honor band play and they were very good playing some very complex pieces of music. The La Center Middle School Band got up and played and they were awesome! The amount of practice, hard work and dedication to the music program in La Center really shined through.

The applause for the kids was overwhelming. They received a standing ovation! The honor band came back on and played again, and again, they were very good at some very difficult pieces of music. Don’t get me wrong, the two bands can not be compared to each other. The middle school kids were playing much easier music and practice together almost every day for months before this. The honor band played much more difficult pieces of music and was only together for like a week (I think they said exactly how long, but I can’t remember). Overall a very enjoyable night.

Then Sunday, I got up and started working on the web site again. I wanted to get the Paca Pennies program online after working on the test site for over a week tweaking and working out the bugs. Finally, I was a point where everything was working, but I couldn’t test with PayPal, so it was time to put it online. For the most part it worked first try, but there was a lot of modifications to be done for the PayPal side of things to work with the Paca Pennies code. It is all fully functional now and I have sent out Paca Pennies to several of my relatives, including the two that I hadn’t talked to in over 20 years. It was a very productive week, but not very good for making the time to blog?

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