Let the good times roll

Again, it’s been a pretty productive time since the last message. We had two new alpacas show up at the farm.Austin Alpaca Austin (Texas? Powers? I don’t know what the name will end up being in the end?Dayna will have to decide it some time) and Johnny Blaze (JB) were delivered to us on Saturday. They are both doing well and adjusting to the new surroundings. Dayna and Krysten have been doing an awesome job of taking care of them and keeping track of the costs for these two animals. The project is completely for them to raise and market, and sell the animals. Kim and I are fronting the money to take care of the animals until they are sold, but anything over the cost of the animal goes directly back to the girl that sells her animal at the end Johnny Blazeof the 4-H season. These two boys that are going to be very well trained by August, since we are requiring that they spend time with them every day and they are on a training schedule with them as well this year, something we didn’t require of them before, the animals will get much more hands-on time than even some of other very well trained animals we have in our herd. If you are interested in purchasing one or both of these animals after the fair is over, please let us know. The girls haven’t set a price yet, but we would like to see them go to a great home. They are both very cute as you can see. If you are in the area during the Clark County Fair in August, please stop by and see these guys perform live.

We have added yet another new feature to the on-line store. Gift wrapping service for your purchased items. It’s easy, just select the gift wrapping service on the same page as you select your shipping preferences. If you aren’t aware, the Fancy Fiber Farm store supplies luxurious items made from alpaca fiber or products related to the alpaca industry. We strive to bring the highest quality products to you at the lowest prices we can. We can bring you low prices by keeping our overhead low. We don’t hire a programming staff for our website, it’s all done in house by Dennis. We don’t have a warehouse, we just store all of our items in the house for now. We don’t have the quantity of items that some stores have, but we are just starting out, and hope to expand the offering as things get rolling. So, get over there and buy yourself a treat or send something to someone special in your life. Tell your friends, co-workers and neighbors about the luxury of alpaca and send them to Fancy Fiber Farm (http://fancyfiber.com/catalog) to purchase these fine items.

On another note, I was thinking today about how much different life on the farm is from life in the city. I feel so much more satisfaction by the work done on the farm than I do from the work in the office. Not that I don’t really enjoy the work in the office sometimes, it just seems so less meaningful to me. I want to be able to work on the farm full time, but just can’t seem to make the money to cover the bills from the farm yet. I think that if I could work the farm full time for a few months I could probably make the money, but I can’t take the risk and not having the income. It’s really been getting to me and I don’t know how to fix it without winning the lottery. I know you very few people that read this will not know how to help me, but buy a few of my animals and I’ll be home free. 😉 Or just become an affiliate on the farm store. You will get paid for purchases you refer to our website and I get one step closer to be able to work from home, where I can help you increase your marketing and we both make more money. Think about it, won’t you? 🙂

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