Happy New Year

Funny the things that can make you think, I really need to write a blog entry about that. I was reading a newsletter, one I get almost every day and read maybe once a week, today and it got me to thinking what a good day to reflect. The article was talking about how we as Americans have it pretty good overall.

I was thinking about how it has been a very rough year for me financially, granted it’s partially my own doing and partially the general slump the economy is in. Then I think about all of the things I am working on to improve my financial situation. Finally, I must remember where I have come from

I don’t want to get into my financial worries here, we all have them and we work through them as best we can. I really want to focus on that last little bit?where was I 20 years ago? (Imagine those little squiggly lines fading into memory here? 😉 )

Graduated from high school in June. Worked distributing beer and wine for $600 a month salary for 3 months until we decided that it was not a good fit. I didn’t enjoy the work so I wasn’t great at it and my conscience bothered me every time I heard about a drunk driving accident. So, I went to work for the security company at the local lumber mill doing fire watch for minimum wage. I was on top of the world! I was making money, my own money. I moved out from my parents house. Plans to go to college were in the back of my mind, but nothing firm around them, I just knew I didn’t want to go right out of high school. Then, the injury happened. It was in November. I couldn’t work. I was getting workman’s compensation, but I couldn’t afford to stay where I was, so it was back home to live with my parents again until I could save enough money to go to college.

20 years ago I was at the lowest point I could have been. Had a taste of the real world, then back to home I had to go.

Flash back to today. I went to college. I followed my career on the path of earning money working on these computer things. I have done quite well at it overall. I have been able to buy my land and alpacas, some fun toys like cars, RV, boat and tractor, take some nice trips across country, and most importantly help raise two very special children. I have a really good life, despite how stressed out I get some days.

I don’t know who will read this, if anybody, but I hope that you can sit back and take stock in your life and realize there are good things along with the bad. Take the time to look back over your life and feel blessed for the people and things in your life. If you have alpacas, want to have alpacas, or just think they are cute (how could you not think they are cute?) I think you are better for being touched by them. The are truly special animals and each of them have their own personality, just like people and most animals if you get to know them.

Well, I hope this finds you all well, and you take time out to sit back and think about how good you really have it.

Happy New Year! May it be prosperous, however you measure it.

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