Alpaca Fencing

It has been a work in progress that is almost complete. We did research, discovered that we really aren’t good at putting up our own fencing, so we started down the path of hiring it out as we have somewhere between 3 and 5 areas that we really want fenced soon. Some are more important to us that others. We had several companies over and gave us their quotes and we discovered that we really couldn’t afford to have it done either for the prices they wanted. We finally found someone that knew how to build, was willing to look for parts on the cheap (posts, fencing etc) and would work with us on timing of when we could afford to get things done. This all worked out great for us. We managed to save about 50% on the fence over the lowest price by looking for deals on fencing and having this person do the work for us. The fence is almost complete and looks amazing!

For the fencing we installed 5 foot no-climb fencing. Which seems to be pretty standard across the alpaca industry, but I have heard of a few farms going with chain link as well. We looked at chain link and the cost was fairly close (fairly…$5,000 more) to our lowest bid for no-climb. And was under our highest bid by about the same amount, so it could have been doable if I had an extra $5k lying around. We have three gates in to the field, two 12 foot and one 4 foot. It surrounds the mill on three sides, so when visitors come (yes, they will come once we have the mill open…soon…it will be open soon…) they will be able to go out on the back deck and have the animals come right up to them. This will be totally awesome. I really am excited for it! The field covers about 2 acres so there should be plenty of room for the alpacas to roam.

We are hoping to find some alpaca owners that would like to agist at our place. We have a full time ranch hand that lives on the farm as well as us, so there is 24 hour care of the animals 7 days a week. We can see all the fields from our house, which is totally cool and new from where we used to live, and gives us new perspective on how the animals behave when we aren’t watching over them from the fence line. Trust me it is totally different.

We would love to have people come over and see the new fence and the mill and the property. It really is an awesome place for the animals and the humans to live.

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