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So, I am sitting here thinking, “I could really use a little extra cash right about now.” I know who couldn’t use a little extra cash? I have been trying to market my farm and animals in a most inexpensive ways possible, and for the most part have been failing miserably. I mean people know about my farm, but I haven’t sold any animals in a couple years, and even then only sold pet boys. I have yet to land that first big female sale. I haven’t been actively marketing my females though either, because well, I was building a quality herd. We really love all the animals anyway, so it’s hard to let them go.

Since my marketing isn’t selling animals, I was wondering if there were some good ideas that could be shared about how you all are selling? Heck, I don’t care if it is alpacas or anything else. I am looking to learn to be innovative. Here are some things that I have started, and hope they will turn up something soon.

Google – You have to be highly ranked in Google. My best selling product shows up on the front page of Google every time it is searched for. It doesn’t hurt that it is also the lowest priced item of its kind on the Internet at the moment. I am making a profit so I will continue to sell it at the lowest price and have it sell.
Facebook – I have started trying to use some social networking to see if that will help me get some business. So far it has helped me stay in touch with my friends that are interested where the business is going, but hasn’t brought me new customers.
Facebook PPC ads – Have been running for a total of three days as of this writing, and have gathered a total of 33 clicks to my website. I am not offering a high bid, and I am not paying much per day (using a $100 credit, so right now it’s all been free testing). Of those 33 clicks, exactly zero have been sales. Most have been one click and gone click fraud. PPC advertising does not seem to work for me very well. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
Twitter – just set up last night my twitter account and currently have two followers. This might be a good advertising technique, but really don’t get Twitter, but I am trying it anyway.
AlpacaTalk Yahoo! email list – Friday advertising day. I have had very little luck with this as well, but haven’t done it as much as I should because I don’t write enough.

Please share your thoughts on marketing your farm, animals, and products. Anybody who reads this would appreciate it I am sure.

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