Compost Series – Introduction

Alpacas are very cute animals to be sure. They produce a very beneficial product from their hair, or fiber as it is called. But like all livestock, they also produce another beneficial product in their poop. Alpaca beans are an ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio for composting and can be added directly to a garden as an excellent fertilizer.

Personally I recommend hot composting first because it will kill more parasites and some of the weed seeds your alpaca may have ingested, so they won’t end up in your garden.

How do you make a hot compost pile using alpaca poop? There are many answers to that question, but basically you put it into a pile or container, add some water and let it heat up, turning occasionally when it cools down to get air back into, and maybe adding water if it gets dry.

Over my next few posts I will go into more detail about the process, why it works as I understand it from being a Master Composter, other ways to compost alpaca poo as well as other materials, and some uses for this incredible material.

If you want a more personal demonstration, and are ever near Fancy Fiber Farm, give me a shout and come see my compost demonstration site, where I have several methods of composting on display. Soon I will also be holding classes on some of the various composting methods we use.

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  1. Karen Cubic says:

    Dang, I wish you were closer. I get a lot of good info off this site. Sure glad you advertised on Facebook!

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