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What to look for when breeding Alpacas

This is a very complex subject and there have been books written on the subject. I am going to go over just some of the basics and if you want more information about anything specific, or if you disagree with … Continue reading

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After a good morning and early afternoon selling Christmas trees with our 4H club, I came home and started back up working on the website. I noticed a couple days ago that my traffic pattern had started changing, but I … Continue reading

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Volunteering during the holiday season

We have officially entered the holiday season. I don’t care what anybody else says, the holiday season will never start before Thanksgiving in my book. Many people associate the holiday season with giving and receiving presents. While this was my … Continue reading

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Alpaca Breeding – Breeding up

One very important aspect of the alpaca business, if you are a breeder anyway, is the concept of breeding up. Put simply, this is taking a lesser quality female and breeding her with a supreme quality male to get a … Continue reading

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Holiday Sales

Starting into the holiday season now and attending more sales with our products. So far though, it has been much slower than anticipated. We have taken a pretty good selection of products along with us and people seem to enjoy … Continue reading

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Compost Series – Part IV – Other things

Sorry it has taken for this the last in my Compost Series. There were Internet problems, personal problems, and other problems that have been plaguing me over the past several weeks. Anyway, this will attempt to cover some of the … Continue reading

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