Holiday Sales

Starting into the holiday season now and attending more sales with our products. So far though, it has been much slower than anticipated. We have taken a pretty good selection of products along with us and people seem to enjoy looking at them and feeling them, especially the teddy bears and other stuffed animals, but they just aren’t buying the products like they were in the past. We haven’t raised our prices, but I have heard people say that we are expensive. If they only knew that our prices are much lower than that of other alpaca products on the market in most cases. We can’t come down any more than we already have. I think it is just a sign of the times that people are being more selective with their purchases. Maybe we aren’t hitting the right sales, but we are working on that. We will be attending more sales during this holiday season and hopefully we will get more people interested in alpaca products, and maybe an alpaca too.

Doing the sales is fun too in that we get to tell people about our animals and educate them on them and what they are and why we raise them. We get lots of good questions about how they are different from other animals, like sheep, and how difficult are they to raise and what the difference between an alpaca and a llama. Making the answers different while still providing the same information is what makes the fun and challenging to answer.

Hopefully the market will pick up over the next couple of weeks as we start attending other shows.

I would be interested in hearing of other people’s experiences with selling alpaca products during the holiday season.

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