Volunteering during the holiday season

We have officially entered the holiday season. I don’t care what anybody else says, the holiday season will never start before Thanksgiving in my book. Many people associate the holiday season with giving and receiving presents. While this was my main focus for many years, I have gone through a transformation in recent years about this time of year.

For many of the recent years I haven’t enjoyed the season because I haven’t had the extra money to get people the kind of gifts I would like to get them. Many people in my life had to go without, with my sincere apologies and best wishes for a happy holiday. We have always managed to get the kids something they would like and usually need, and something special.

I have decided that rather than stress out about presents this year, since it is again going to be a year of little cash, I am going to focus on the good things in my life and doing good things rather than buying things.

One of the things we are doing this year that is a first for us, is donating our time with our 4-H group to sell Christmas trees. The 4H group gets all of the proceeds from this sale. It should be a lot of fun for us.

Share your holiday good deeds with me. Would love to hear about them.

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