Cold weather and water

So, it’s that time of year already. Again, I wasn’t prepared for it and didn’t really expect it to be here so soon. The freezing cold weather has arrived. We are scrambling to keep the alpacas water fresh and not frozen. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves this summer with the new automatic water dispensers in the fields! The end to our constant buckets of water nightmare! Now the only problem with them is I couldn’t afford the heated version and we have frozen water. Of course since they have a much smaller bowl, the water in the freezes even quicker that in the buckets too! Right now we are back to the bucket method and changing water like 6 times a day just to be sure they have water and it hasn’t frozen too quickly. We are working on getting the heaters installed in a couple buckets too, that should help, but boy it just sneaked up on me this year. I figured January, maybe we would get this cold.

What does everybody else do in the freezing area to keep the animals water fresh and not frozen? Expensive heated water troughs? Many trips to the barn to keep the water refreshed? In tank heaters? Some combination of all of the above?

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