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For an alpaca blog I sure do spend a lot of time on technical subjects, but I feel that is where I can provide the most benefit sometimes. I try to gear my technical posts to things that will benefit the alpaca breeder though. This post was inspired by a recent string of posts I saw on Facebook saying that Facebook was implementing changes the would allow the search engines access to your private posts unless you change a setting, and that Facebook was being sneaky in making this change.

Before the new privacy settings were implemented, anything that could be viewed by people not on your friend list was available to be indexed by the search engines. If you have ever looked up your name on Google, you probably know this already. If you haven’t, you should see what’s out there on you sometime. You may be surprised. But I digress. One of the new settings, the one being, lets say mentioned, in the posts will, when checked continue to allow the search engines the same access they had previously. Unchecking the box removes that access and provides additional privacy for your account. A good thing, mostly.

Work with me here when I say you may have reason to leave this box checked. You are an alpaca breeder. You are selling your alpacas t through your website. People find your website by searching for it. Search engines rank your site based on links referencing it, among many other things. You have your website listed in your personal settings on facebook, if you don’t now, you will shortly after reading this, right? Blocking the search engines from seeing you public information also blocks them from seeing that link to your website from one of the largest sites on the internet.

I shouldn’t even discuss the part about Facebook keeping it quiet about the change, but here I go anyway. Facebook widely advertised the changes to the new privacy settings. This one in particular may not have been called out, but since doing nothing changed nothing from what it was in the past, was there a need to bring attention to it? Keeping the search engines from seeing public information does not keep people from searching and seeing that same information on Facebook. It doesn’t make it less visible. The other privacy settings are where you need to spend some time and make sure you are only sharing what you think you are sharing. This is very important because Facebook has set your new default settings, if you didn’t change them when prompted, to share just about everything with everyone. You should also be aware that just because you aren’t posting everything, your friend might be, so your comments may be visible further than you expect.

And make sure your website link is viewable by Everyone. You want people to find your alpacas.

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