After sending off three of our alpacas that were sold yesterday, we come to find out that we very easily could have lost the sale to another breeder, who also happens to be the transporter. They offered to transport the alpacas for free if these people would buy from them instead of us. This isn’t a post to bash them for their sales technique, because they have a¬†competitive¬†advantage that I can’t provide right now. I have no issue with them using it on leads that they generate themselves. It just seems a little un-ethical to me to use your transport business to generate sales leads from your other customers.

I sometimes wonder if I am cut out to be a businessman because I would never even consider doing that to another breeder and maybe worse, I wouldn’t expect it to be done to me. When I am working with someone to provide a service, I expect they are going to provide that service, not attempt to steal my sale because they can provide that service. There are any number of other practices out there that can be done to steal a sale that I haven’t thought of, I’m sure. Is it unethical to try and sell your animals to a buyer using any means possible?

Fancy Fiber Farm does have a new policy though from this experience. The buyers do not get to contact the transporters before sale of the alpacas is complete, period. Even if that means it takes longer for the animals to get delivered. We will work with the transporters to get the best schedule, but the specifics of the customer with the transporter, not a chance.

What other types of sales practices should I be wary of? Talk back to me, please.

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  1. Since you guys are planning on being a fiber mill I will share my sad experience with you about how I was ripped off at a fiber mill. I sent my entire season clip of angora goat to a mill in Michigan. When the lady told me it was ready to spin the price she quoted be was way more than I could afford at the time so I asked her to just send it to me as it was, carded. I paid immediately and have never seen the fiber. She kept my money (over 243 dollars) and my entire seasons clip! I keep writing to her but she keeps sending me nasty notes about how she is on vacation or whatever….it has been almost a year now…… I quess I will stay local from now on so I can go inperson if some thing like this happens again. This person is in the north. Sadly there are a lot of unethical people and practices out there which I don’t understand. I don’t blame you for your caution in setting up transport in the future. Teresa

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