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Alpaca Breeding – Breeding up

One very important aspect of the alpaca business, if you are a breeder anyway, is the concept of breeding up. Put simply, this is taking a lesser quality female and breeding her with a supreme quality male to get a … Continue reading

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Holiday Sales

Starting into the holiday season now and attending more sales with our products. So far though, it has been much slower than anticipated. We have taken a pretty good selection of products along with us and people seem to enjoy … Continue reading

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Random thoughts about Customer Service

I made a sale to a repeat customer yesterday and got me to thinking a little bit about customer service because he said he was pleased by our prompt attention to his first request. This was really nice to hear, … Continue reading

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Social networking as a marketing tool

Well, it has been on my mind quite a bit the past couple of weeks since I started out on Facebook and set up a farm page there. I have learned quite a little bit about the whole Facebook thing … Continue reading

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